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I first posted the names of my "mystery people" in 2002, hoping that someone would recognise some of them. Since then, some of these folks have indeed been connected to a larger part of the family. (Click the underlined name to go back to the main list.)

Mystery People Found -- Marriages


Family connection
Agnes Cowbrough, m. Thomas Mitchell, 1878 Agnes, also known as Nancy, was the daughter of William Cowbrough and Agnes Turnbull. Nancy, born about 1844, in Selkirk parish, Selkirkhsire, may have been a twin of her sister Margaret, but this is not certain. Nancy and Thomas Mitchell had at least one child, a son named Peter, born about 1880, in Galashiels, Selkirk.
Annie Coubrough m. John McLaren, 1895 Annie, born about 1853, was the daughter of Ann Coubrough. Annie was only about three years old when her mother died of consumption, leaving the child to be raised by her grandparents, John C and Mary Graham. Annie died in November 1918, possibly of influenza: the poorhouse where she died lost two other residents the same day.
Catherine Coubrough m. William Muir, 1892 Catherine, born 1869, was the seventh of ten children of James Coubrough and Janet McFarlane. William, born 1858, was the fifth child and eldest son of Andrew Muir and Margaret McDowall. 
Catherine Cowbrough m. William Weston, 1886 Catherine, born 1862, was the fourth of six children of Peter Coubrough and Mary McIntyre. Peter and Mary were born and married in Ireland, and it is not certain who their parents were. William Weston, born about 1850, was the son of Matthew Reid Weston and Christina Dennis.
Christina Coubrough m. John Cameron, 1877 Christina Dunn Coubrough, born 1850, was the second of nine children of John Coubrough and Mary Binnie Davidson. Her sister Jessie was married to Robert Buchanan in 1884. John Roderick Cameron, born 1852, was the son Joseph Cameron and Annie Beaton.
Elizabeth Cowburgh m. Peter Smyth, 1893 Elizabeth, born 1871, was the eldest of  seven children of William Cowburgh (son of William C & Agnes Turnbull) and Mary Paisley. Peter Bruce Smyth, born 1865, was the eldest of three children of William Smyth and Helen Wilson.
Elizabeth Coubrough m. Matthew Wilson, 1885 Elizabeth, born 1860, daughter of James Coubrough and Janet McFarlane, was the sister of Catherine m. William Muir, above.
Emma J. Anglesey Coubrough m. George Clark, 1898 Emma Jane Anglesea Coubrough, born about 1874, was the sixth of seven children of Jane Bryson and William Coubrough (son of William C & Margaret Aitken). Emma was born at sea, near St. Helena, as her mother was returning to Scotland from New Zealand on board a ship called Anglesea.
Hugh Coubrough, m. Georgina Adams, 1893 Hugh's 1943 death certificate gave his mother as Catherine Coubrough, Farm Servant, but did not give his father's name. Hugh was the grandson of Samuel McCoubrey and Margaret Rice. Most of the family seems to have dropped the "Mc" from their name after moving to Scotland from Ireland in the late 1840s.
Jessie Cowbrough m. Robert Buchanan, 1884 Jessie was born Janet Coubrough, daughter of John Coubrough (son of John C and Christian Dun) and Mary Binnie Davidson, on January 26, 1859, at Kippen, Stirling, Scotland. 

Marion Coubrough m. Willam Millar, 1881

Marion, born October 1847, at Drymen, Stirling, Scotland, was the seventh of eight children of John Coubrough (2nd son of Malcolm C & Jean Buchanan) and Mary Graham. 

Mary Coubrough m. George Richardson, 1890

Mary, born 4 March 1865, at Rutherglen, Lananrk, Scotland, was the fourth of seven children of Malcolm Coubrough (son of Malcolm C & Agnes/Ann McKinnon) and Mary Cameron.

Mary D. Cowbrough m. John Stewart, 1901

Mary Davidson Cowbrough, born 21 September 1881, at Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland, was the third of six children of John Coubrough (son of John C & Mary B. Davidson) and Catherine Campbell. 

Robert Coubrough m. Isabella Mcmillan, 1887

Robert, born 25 October 1865, in Glasgow, was the eldest son of Daniel Coubrough (son of William C & Bethia L. MacMillan) and Mary Wylie.
William Cowburgh m. Jane Crozier Mcintosh, 1898 William, born 17 March 1874, at Ladhope, Roxburgh, Scotland, was the elder of two sons of Robert Coubrough (son of William C & Agnes Turnbull) and Marjory Brydon.

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