Unidentified Coubroughs in the British Census 

The British census for 1891 and for 1901 contain huge numbers of Coubroughs, many of whom I have been able to identify. While may of them are still on the mystery list, I have recently, with the help of several other researchers, been able to connect a few more. We still need your help, though, and if you recognise any of these folks, I'd sure like to hear from you.


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Coubrough, Alex M., Age 28, Assistant Inspector of Cleaning, Barony, Glasgow

Alex M. may have been Alexander Miller Coubrough, son of James Coubrough and Margaret Kennedy. Their son had married Maggie Bremner in 1889; I don't know if they had any children, but Alexander Miller C. died in 1897, aged 32 years. 

Coubrough, David, Age 47, Carter, Kelvin, Glasgow

David was the son of David Coubrough and Margaret Kean, and his wife was the former Margaret Law, daughter of Alexander Law and Margaret Crawford and widow of a man named McAllister. David and Margaret Law were married in 1870, in Milton, Glasgow. I have not yet discovered the parents of Margaret Kean's husband.

Coubrough, James, Age 46, farmer, Renfrew, Renfrew

James was the son of John Coubrough and Mary Muir, of Mullenhole Farm, in Renfrewshire. Agnes, Thomas, John, and Charles were James's sister and brothers. Robert Dick was the son of James's sister, Agnes, and John Dick. None of the siblings listed in this census ever married. 


Coubrough, Margaret   Age 61, Living on own means, Falkirk, Stirling Margaret was the seventh of nine children of William Coubrough, Surgeon, and Margaret Aitken. She inherited Bankhead Cottage on her sister Helen's death in 1894, and seems to have lived there until her own death.
Coubrough, Margaret, Age 30, Domestic Servant, Lanark, Carmunnock (Bowhouse Farm)

Margaret was the natural daughter of Catherine Campbell, who later married John Coubrough. Margaret's sister, Catherine C.R. Coubrough, is also listed at the address as a domestic servant. Margaret was born January 6, 1871, at Ramoyle, Dunblane. Her father's name has not yet been confirmed, but he was a gamekeeper at Edgehill House, in Logie. Catherine Campbell worked there as a domestic servant, and sought paternity through the courts, February 18, 1872. Catherine married John Coubrough June 7, 1878, and they had at least five children.

Margaret Coubrough (Campbell) may have had a natural son, John Campbell, born abt 1897. The 1901 census has a John Campbell, grandson, living with Margaret's parents at "New Lands" Blantyre. The same census said Margaret was single.

Coubrough, Robert, Age 30, Wood Carver, Govan, Lanark

Robert was Robert McKim Coubrough, son of William Coubrough and Margaret McKim. His wife was the former Maria Akhurst Edwards; Marie and little Robert were, of course their two oldest children. Robert, Maria and young Marie moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA, in the summer of 1921, where Robert's brother Arthur and sister Bethia already lived. The following year,  their nephews, George and Walter Coubrough, sons of Arthur and Robert's brother Walter, also went to Chicago; George and Walter's own sister, Agnes Hodgkinson had moved there in 1920.

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