Cousin Answer 

Did you get it right? 

1. Fifth cousins share a great-great-great-great-grandparent. Fifth cousin three times removed is the great-grandchild of one's fifth cousin.

2. Your father's mother's uncle's granddaughter is your second cousin once removed. That is, your father's mother's uncle is the brother of your father's grandparent (your great-grandparent).  Since the uncle and your father's grandparent are siblings, their common ancestor is their parent. The uncle's granddaughter is your father's second cousin; thus, your second cousin once removed.

Uncle's parent


|                                                                    |

   Father's grandparent          Siblings           Father's Mother's Uncle

|                                                                    |

Father's Mother               1st Cousins           Uncle's child

|                                                                    |

              Father                  2nd Cousins         Uncle's granddaughter


   You                 2nd Cousin once removed            


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